At Riverside Flooring of Temecula, we want you to fall in love with your flooring. We want you to have a great sense of pride showing it off, whether you are entertaining guests or just enjoying the company of your family. In order to do this we provide you with the most comprehensive flooring services, starting with a personalized quote for your home and the material you want installed. Once we know what you want, we quickly get to work preparing the floor for the installation.

Whether we’re working in your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, or entire home, we always focus on 5-star results that get noticed. From rounded corners to odd-shaped rooms, we can work with any challenges you might face to create gorgeous flooring that takes center stage.

Flooring Installation

Even if you have experience with building things, flooring installation can be incredibly difficult. This is due to the fact that each material is installed differently and sometimes preparation has to be more extensive. Fortunately you can overcome the difficulties of this project by relying on our contractors at Riverside Flooring. We’re Temecula’s premiere flooring company and we specialize in friendly service with outstanding results. Whether you want hardwood, tile, ceramic, or any other type of flooring installed, we can do it!

Kitchen Flooring

The floors in your Temecula kitchen should not only be practical for daily use, but also beautiful so guests can enjoy being in your space. However, most homes in the area don’t automatically have beautiful floors, and that’s where our contractors at Riverside Flooring come in. We help you choose flooring before we prepare the space and take care of the installation. This is all done by licensed experts with many years of experience and who genuinely enjoy improving homes. They’ll work hard to leave you with kitchen flooring that you can rely on to look great for years to come so you always love walking into this room!

Bathroom Flooring

If the flooring in your Temecula bathroom is cracked, tarnished, or just not very attractive, then rely on our contractors at Riverside Flooring to change them. We can replace any type of flooring so you end up with the exact type that you want. We work efficiently but we always pay close attention to every corner and small detail so the results are seamless. Whether your bathroom is compact or very large, we can work with you to achieve the results you want.